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Thread: kitsuke ♥

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    let me think twice,before the dise hits twice,let me rise at the end of 5,
    let me love when it hits night,
    how much i love u,
    do that count?,idk
    if it do,
    im lost,
    im scared,
    wont u hold me 2night,
    or let me die.

    2 my love kisuke♥

    when will u say when would u stay,
    close by 2 say hey,
    when will i kiss u,
    when will i hug u ,
    its 2 long idk how much ill take,
    but ill stay at the door way,
    holding myslef ,
    waighting 4 u 2 come,
    in the dark i awaight,
    ill stay and stay ,
    and waight 4 that day my love.

    2jose angel aka kitsuke

    wake up wake up,
    im here 2 stay,
    stay like a metal bell,
    next 2 the gem,
    no glue in between but love holds tight,
    no seperation,
    not even with hate,
    keep away or ur dead,
    haters die,
    in between,
    no more pain,
    keep living true the day.
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    Re: kitsuke ♥

    In the vein as many Gwendolyn Brooks works. You must of been one of her fans.

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