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Thread: Land of Death

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    Re: Land of Death

    If she does that, her thread won'T be updated and will fall eventually in the no posting allowed when not posted since two weeks thingy so I say people can double or triple or anything post as long as there is added content worth being looked at on occasions. A story is always meant to be heard so I say double post XD, but that ultimately up tp the mods and admins decision....
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    Re: Land of Death

    The dragon looked at me with sad eyes.
    “Although she casted a spell before she left, it got weaker and weaker by the day…until every living being died. We dragons had the ability to survive longer but the others weren’t so lucky, only a few survived. The creatures you saw in the forest are their descendants, the only few that survived. We rebuild our home once again in this forest and hoping that our ruler would one day return,” he said. “After generations and generations, she finally returned. She placed a terrible curse upon this place. ‘Whoever that set foot upon this island shall remain here for all eternity.’ Those were her last words. We found her dead in the palace the next day clutching a necklace that was a gift from the wanderer. We soon found out the terrible truth of what happened all those years. The wanderer dumped our queen after he met another girl. Our queen was devastated and was left to wander upon the mortal earth for years to come because the wanderer stole her powers from her. On the verge of death, the queen finally came to a decision- she must kill him to regain her powers. On a full moon, she assassinated him in bed together with the girl he dumped her for. Revenge and sorrow had driven her to madness. Before losing everything, she returned here and placed a curse here, so that no wanderer could ever leave this place.” The dragon finished.
    “What happened to her body?” I asked.
    “She bewitched the castle and everything in it to disappear after her death to make sure that no one could escape the curse,” he replied.
    “So in order to get out from here, I must find the necklace and her body and bury them so that she could have peace at last?” I asked.
    “Yes. The curse would be then lifted and you would be free to go,” he answered. “But head my words, the journey isn’t easy and no one have every achieved it. You must be extremely careful. I can sense a special spirit within you, use it wisely. I shall guide you on the way,” he said.
    “Ok. Do I get lessons or anything?” I asked.
    “Yes, you do. In fact, I’m beginning it right now. Listen carefully. Your mission is to retrieve an egg from my nest while I guard it, ok? You shall be equipped with a sword and a shield,” he waved his hand and a sword and shield materialized before my eyes. “Ready?”
    I nodded.
    “Go!” and with that he breathed a fire ball towards me while I stood there transfixed…

    To Be Continued…

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