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Thread: Late dedication to Satoshi Kon + Goodbye to Ordinary Worlds

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    Late dedication to Satoshi Kon + Goodbye to Ordinary Worlds

    Hello Animeonline! I have dreadfully been inactive for quite a while, but I still exist....somewhere :P (Organizing two birthing cons a year now and studying somewhere in between ^^)

    Here are a few writings I wrote a month or so ago at most, more precisely right after I learned the death of Satoshi Kon. I wrote them for a poetry evening with a writers circle I've been with since 2005. I had suggested ''magical worlds'' as the main theme, and all agreed halfheartedly (though I'm the only one who wrote really fantasy like thingies, while the others were more down to earth, but still had something special about their work). So without further ado, here is what I contributed to a truly wondrous night:



    Start music as I rise to read my part: YouTube - Paprika Soundtrack - Lounge

    With the news I have barely learned about two weeks ago, here is a little something for my second favorite Japanese author that wrote the most beautiful of magical worlds.

    Satoshi Kon

    FRENCH VERSION (Read by me accompanied by English version):

    Que la beauté de la réalité soit avec lui,
    Un être qui jouait avec des idées qui m'ont toujours fuis.
    Un personnage réel qui jouait avec l'esprit,
    Une histoire en trois temps qui s'est poursuit.
    Au-del* de la beauté qui resplendi,
    Ma tristesse est approfondie.
    Son passage vers l'autre monde m'éblouit,
    Pourtant une gouttelette se forme et s'évanouit.
    Je souhaite que sa vie soit un souvenir que tous sourient,
    Un être que je respecte et que j'admire qui poursuivra sa vie vers l'infini.

    ENGLISH (read by someone else in intervals or myself, this poem was not read during the poetry evening):

    May the beauty of reality be with him,
    A being that played with ideas that always evaded me.
    A real life character that played with the mind,
    A story in three parts that move on.
    Beyond the beauty that shine brightly,
    My sadness is deepened.
    His passage to the other world overwhelmed me,
    Yet a single tear is shed and fades away.
    I wish that his life be a memory that all will smile upon,
    A being that I respect and admire that his life will go on endlessly.

    (read by a fellow poet during the poetry night):

    I touch the patch within your mind,
    Simple ideas always evading your kind.
    Reality altered and sown by your spirit,
    Moving back and forward your story is knit.
    Beauty beyond the yarn ever unfolding,
    I feel a sudden prick and blood trickling.
    Your tool settling down one last time,
    Its work incomplete yet it is quite fine.
    Gazing upon this last memory that shall never be gone,
    I can only think of the author called Satoshi Kon.

    His last written words to the world:

    With feelings of gratitude for all that is good in this world, I put down my pen.
    Well, I'll be leaving now.

    Satoshi Kon

    SHORT VIDEO (introduction of paprika)

    YouTube - Paprika (Anime Movie) Trailer [720p HD]

    Satoshi Kon, His Wife, Madhouse Studio Write About His Passing (Update 4) - Anime News Network

    Farewell to ordinary worlds

    In the dark of the night,
    My life is in flight.

    I cannot remember the days of last,
    When the world was so real and beliefs would both contrast.

    Stories from my mind had not prepared me,
    For all the wonders to discover and see.

    The world has brought my soul in a fold,
    My being transformed and shaped beyond any threshold.

    I am afraid,
    I cannot call out for aid.

    Goodbye to ordinary worlds,
    Farewell to ordinary worlds.


    Well then, I hope that my small contribution will inspire a few people who seem to be stealing other people's works to give an effort and offer their own words to the world for once.

    Any opinion, commentary or critic would be welcome!
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Late dedication to Satoshi Kon + Goodbye to Ordinary Worlds

    I love this poem its sad but nice you put a lot of work and emotion into it. I do agree that people do need to put there poems in there own words it would be better and more from the heart. Very nice keep up the good work!

    *~A moment like this we will never be able to go back. Holding you like this wanting the time to stop. Just the two of us we don't need words.~*

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