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Thread: Law of attraction.

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    Law of attraction.

    A little bit recognition for my thinking.
    For ruminating, or dismissing things completely.
    If I can see it coming does that mean it'll miss me?

    Thoughts without action should be nothing more than fleeting.
    Thoughts without action are a bit misleading.
    Actively we form our thoughts to give us what we're needing.

    Let me give a bit of credit to the process.
    Choosing, and deciding where to aim the thoughts at.
    Believing I am receiving out of life based on this contact.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Law of attraction.

    Interesting how attraction could ultimately bring forth thoughts that generate what we require the most. Not certain if this comment is best suited as it's late and I haven't commented on poetry for quite a while. Your poem is very short and sweet, and quickly goes to demonstrate itself. The third part of the poem feels a bit apart from the other two, as if you were adding your own thoughts to your observations. That's just about all I can think of for now.
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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