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Thread: Leashed

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    I am learning this the hard way.
    Lessons you've ruined me, to teach
    The me, that loves you, never dies.
    But I must learn to keep her leashed.

    She'd scurry for any crumb you throw.
    She'd turn your inch, into a mile
    She would take herself apart...
    .... just to see you smile.

    I'm sick of the run around.
    Of having all my rainbows bleached.
    Her freedom, just means my pain.
    So I must keep her leashed.

    I can't began to let her go.
    It hurts to set her free.
    She still believes you're everything..
    ...I once believed you'd be.

    I still see something in your eyes.
    Please wipe the look away.
    You don't wanna be my "now".
    discouraged me from "someday".

    What I attain for you isn't comparable
    to what you've had with them.
    Don't you dare. Oh don't you dare.
    Go comparing me again.

    "I love you."

    Oh sh*t, I let her talk to much.
    She laments from dreams unreached.
    But me, I know I've cried enough.
    I'll tighten up her leash.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Leashed

    A great piece about the ambivalence of human emotion. For all our cognitive thought our emotions trap us into the trip of being a magnet. Stuck to constantly going towards our opposites in so many occasions.

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