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Thread: Leaving

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    Just a few short years ago it was time to begin
    now we're at the door step of the end
    our goodbyes we whisper softly
    with burning tears straining to escape
    now we slowly walk towards our future
    unsure steps taken with care
    I know when you're gone I'll really miss you
    what a sad thing leaving is
    at the great divide called life
    we seperate our different ways
    how I wish we were all going the same place
    but perhaps we'll meet again
    for some we head towards college
    a few towards a break
    the rest for the unknown
    so here we are at our dividing points
    our futures in mind

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    Re: Leaving

    that was really good. it's a nice change, i myself like the sad more depressing poems myself
    Just wanting to be myself.

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