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Thread: Leaving Riga

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    Otaku Seirika is off to a good start
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    Re: Leaving Riga

    I was kept in suspense,thinking what'll happen after you've said the numbers.
    It was truly a wonderful poem^^

    Become a wind, unfathomable distress. I'll hold back your loneliness.

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    Re: Leaving Riga

    Thank You very much Seirika ^^ not as wonderful as yours I asure you ^^

    Yea... but if you say it hept you thinking what will happen after I say the numbers, than I'm afraid I've done a bad thing by not making a culmination point in this poem- keeping people in suspense and not giving them anything worth waiting for in the end is evil... >.< That means there will be a continuation soon: "Leaving London"

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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