You can't deal a blow...

that would leave bruises any darker than what I already know.

You could keep those bruises in a sack.

And just keep hitting me. I can win a fight without hitting back.

You can't threaten me with a bruise...

I'm no longer scared, 'cause I've been covered in your black and blues.

You say any other man would have a bruise to lend me?
Like there's no middle ground between hatred and friendly?
How many fathers allow their child's relationship ending?
The time spent fighting... seems to be just time that you're spending.

And still you threaten to bruise the hollow me.
Still shaking my tree, as if you don't follow me.
The situation has exceeded your apology.
I will no longer tolerate the way you talk to me.

Lend me your bruises... I'll just save 'em up...

Give 'em back in one lump sum. Thats whats up.

Address me like another human being.

You only bruise yourself when you swing, without seeing.

Your bruises will fade....

But you will regret where your attention was paid.