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Thread: letter

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    The letter I Wright to you isn't only were I have gone its were I will begin...

    I'm in love

    and nothing will break our bond

    we love each other and if it cant be accepted I'm sorry

    but we are our own family and if he's not accepted ether am I ...

    I have left home

    gone...gone without a trace other than my letter should reveal it all...my love is strong and pure

    and that I love my family but I must do something for if ill ever be truly happy...

    he makes me feel wanted he treats me with respect unlike others...

    the truth is to make it work we need to be with each other and not just wish we could wipe each others tears away but physically do so

    I love him so much I am willing to make a new life for myself if it means we can be together

    this is the letter I wrote this is the letter with my truest feelings pored into it and I just hope my family can understand and be happy for us because he's the most amazing guy I have ever met and been with I love him with all my heart and I hope you can really understand how I feel.

    ( i havnt did any poems in a very long time sorry im rusty lol)

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    Re: letter

    I like this free verse poem of yours although, you should work on the spelling a bit more (^_^)x.. I don't think you have gotten rusty though, you still write poems unlike me who cannot even write a simple one T.T

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    Re: letter

    Is that a sonnet...nevermind.
    It's a bit bland, nothing really grabbing the readers attention, well mine anyway.
    But the simplicity is amazing, great work.

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