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Thread: A Letter Home.

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    A Letter Home.

    Dear Mrs. Johnson

    My name is Quinn Buexder, and I regretable duty of informing you that your husband Crpl. Robert D. Johnson died I in the line of duty on 12Jan06 on what was to be a rutine patrol on the out-skirts of Bazra, Iraq. The patrol was ambushed by A cell of insergents that disgised them-selves as refugies in need of medical aid.
    Skittles, as the guys called him, die while saving three of his fallen comrades; Myself one of them and several innocent by-standers, before he himself was shot and wounded. Yet even then he still managed to do what he did best, save lives before sercoming to his wounds.
    I have know Skittles for three years, and spent many days talking of home and better times. I hope you remember the time he brought you and your family over to my house on the beach, so that the whole division could have a going away paty before we left. I remember that my wife said the two of you made the perfect couple. I aggreed.
    I know how hard it must be for you right now, with his loss and there is no consilation I can give. Skittles was a brother to me, he saved me on more than one occasion; and I had asked him to be the godfather to my soon to be first child. He said yes, but only if he could name the child Grace, after you. That is still our plan if it is a girl, and if it is a boy Robert, for the hero of FOX company.
    I am also to inform you that Robert has been awarded the Silver Star and Distingushed Service Medal. His body will be return to you by the men he saved in full military honors. And it is my hope that you find it in your heart to forgive us, for what has happened and belive that Robert gave his life defending what he belived in; the men standing next to him.

    With my utmost condolencies,
    Lt. Quinn Buexder
    Commanding Officer
    Fox Company, 82nd Airborne

    The names and date have been changed, but I will remember Skittles and what he did for me till the day I die. Come home safe.

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    Re: A Letter Home.

    Thats deep man! Sad to. I cant even begin to think how hard it is to delever one of these letters. Deep material man.

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