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Thread: The Lie You LIve

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    The Lie You LIve

    You tell the world how you
    always follow the rule's never
    allowing yourseff to stray always
    smiling showing your vain side
    constantly you never lend a hand
    to those in need just turning you
    head and thnking the world is perfect
    not admitting the truth of what is really out there.

    But i know the real you i have seen the inside
    of your heart and its dark,dark like mine
    never seeing the sun ,never knowing love, or
    happy thoughts ,and your thoughts they are
    distorted like the inside of my mind i know
    what im saying because i am like that also
    never careing, never thinking your always
    walking on that water you claim is perfect.

    I looked inside of you'r soul today and you'r
    dieing,dieing inside love reject's you you thrive on hate
    your emotions they are ugly so keep telling your self your
    better for it I knowbetter than that life its going down hill
    never realising its slipping away everytime you open your mouth
    and you let lose those words of hate so i will let you fall
    down from grace so you can see what the real world
    is like,its not as perfect as you claim and then i will
    smile when you finaly taste those tears you have been
    giving everyone for all these years.

    ok this another attempt at a poem i hope this one is a bit better
    -----------------------------Double Post Merge---------------------------------------------
    give some feed back on this poem
    i am trying to improve
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    They're one in the same, I must isolate you...
    Isolate and save you from yourself

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