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Thread: The Life I Made!

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    The Life I Made!

    I begin my day as i always do a
    hand stretched out as i wake up to
    no one there , i smile as i realize that
    thing's just wouldn't be the same if
    i had someone.

    People say that a life lived well
    is a life filled with dreams and good
    friends , i find this odd since i have been
    doing fine and have yet to need a hand
    to hold.

    there are just so many things that
    i have yet to see in my self that make
    me wonder why i think lonelyness is my best
    friend , things just wouldn't be the same if
    i changed the way i am right now.

    I looked in the mirror today and rubbed my jaw
    thinking that things are just so quiet and i find
    this comforting for the fact that things always
    seem to get complicated as things are added to
    something that i have always lived with and had
    no problem living with.

    People don't understand me like they
    say they do , they put on a smile and pat
    my back saying it will be OK one day , how
    can they know that when i have always liked
    how i am?

    Only god knows why i am the way i am
    but faith in him seems to fade as each day
    goes by and i hear that voice in my head
    screaming to have company , i have ignored
    it so many time now and it seems to be fading.

    I feel #1 but I'm always last in line why is it that
    i feel one way and live another ? , i guess
    its the price you pay for being who you really are
    no matter what the world does or Say's , things
    just seem so hard but i would be lost if things
    got better.

    this poem is about how you live your life and wake up
    and realise that things are the way you made them and you
    are fine with that but with how people are always trying
    to make you *feel* better it only makes you worse why cant
    they realise that ?

    any comments or sugetions are welcomed
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    Isolate and save you from yourself

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    Re: The Life I Made!

    Oh wow this poem some how has actually touch me some how. Reading this was just so amazing!!!! I hope to see more!
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    Re: The Life I Made!

    Oh My God, this is so good!!!! I love it, I'll join this to my favourites... It's just great... the way you feel... seems so wonderful and I remember again how sad it is to ba addicted to love *sigh*
    I love every single thing about this poem... it's so philosophical... Makes people think about life... that's just great!!!!
    I enjoyed reading this... I truly did... I'll be waiting for the next one...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: The Life I Made!

    lol its like... ME...lol.this poem would be a lifesaver if "those people" would be able understand it! but thats why you wrote it *sigh* C├ęst La Vi...

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    Re: The Life I Made!

    I loved this poem cause it speaks the truth of how people tell you that no matter how bad things sometimes get it will be better tomorrow,but it's not always the case and that's what get me so mad. In my opinion unless the person saying it'll get better hasn't gone through what you have then they have no idea how you feel. Great job sweetie and I look so forward to reading your next one.
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    Thanks so much I love it!

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