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Thread: Life Imperfected

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    Wink Life Imperfected

    Life is perfect,
    Some people say.
    When things are going their way.
    Everything they ever wanted,
    Is in the grasp of their hands,
    And the perfection of life is right their by their side.

    But little do they know,
    In the mists out there,
    The perfection of life is limited and scarce.
    And once they get a dose of this cold reality,
    They say now that life has treated them so badly.

    So, is life perfect?
    Make up your mind!
    Did it treated you rough or did it treared you kind.
    Because when you think you know life's ins and arounds,
    It goes right ahead and changes its form.

    So be very careful when coming to life.
    Because its not always perfect, and with life you have to strive.
    Be very careful in the decisions you make,
    And don't make the wrong choices for your life's sake.

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    Re: Life Imperfected

    In a whole, I'd say this is pretty nice.

    A few bits seem to rhyme and this looks like advice from someone who has seen many lives through a few perspectives and chose to live on the safe side. That, or simply warning those who are weak to be carfeful of their choices in life as the strong simply have to keep on moving forward for things to go well, that and to never give up too. The never give up part is brought up by the word strivein your last part.

    About perfection, humans often try to reach it, but never attain it, or else there would be a god among us already, unless this entity does not show itself. Life is ever changing, making the right choice is never truly easy and knowing that you've made the right choice is never known in advance, unless you are determined to keep true to your goals or ambitions no matter the consequences. And still, you can never know what the future holds...

    note: unedited thoughts
    Quote Originally Posted by Soldat of life View Post
    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Life Imperfected

    Well, the thing is that I just can't find my thoughts in this poem, becsause I think life is perfect, everything in life is as it should be- there is no good without the bad and there is no bad without the good. You just have to love it all, because, we, men, can never gasp EVERYTHING we want in our hands- we always want more...
    But this is a great advice for everyone, to be careful with what you chose, this says that you are the one who creates your life and that only you can change it...
    A nice work, a nice poem ^^ I'll be waiting forward for more.

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Life Imperfected

    Wow I agree with both lasura and Soldat of life, hum but it is a good poem anyways keep it up! your poems are always good. I hope to see more from you (very good advice by the way.)
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    Re: Life Imperfected

    I say nothing is perfect, but thas just me! Wow great poem! Keep up the good work! can't wait for more!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
    Visit www.highteckdudu.deviantart.com!

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    Re: Life Imperfected

    I only believe in perfection in the sence of accepting or embracing whatever imperfection or flaws are present. However this is a fantastic poem. I like the style of your wording in this one and the other one of yours Ir ead this morning. Keep up the posting.

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