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Thread: life matter to us all

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    life matter to us all

    Life matter to us all

    Here we are and,
    Soon we will be no more.
    That's what they say!
    But who knows.
    Not you and not me.

    With all the wars and everthing else
    that are going on.
    IN the darken times we are in now
    Where is thy light we seek in these
    that are unsure.

    Can there be anther way in the years to come,
    too find closer to the problems we are having.
    Why don't we face our problems
    we created?
    There is so much pain in the world today.
    Do we want too add to the pain or subtract from it.

    As for me i choose not to add

    Is it up to our children to find a
    solution to our problems.
    Or is it up to us to
    fix our selves..

    It 's your choice now!!

    by: Deanna Aguilera
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