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Thread: Light

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    Post Light

    When I thought that it was over...
    And everything became dark to me...
    But then there came a light...
    That light was you...
    Finally I got hope again...
    Cause you gave me hope...
    You gave me a feeling...
    And that feels great...
    Because of you...
    I'm feeling wanted...
    There's one thing I know for sure...
    I love you so much...

    This is for a special person to me...
    I love him so much...

    We are affraid of losing controle...But why should you be affraid of losing it...While you didnt have it...

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    Re: Light

    that is so sweet baby i feel the same way i love you so much i would do anything for you
    i cry inside for life anew i die each time im torn in two i live for earth and die for none along comes a god who will always bring peace and tranquility

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