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Thread: Light Anguish

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    Post Light Anguish

    The way you are that bounds me inward of your words of confusion

    The way you are with words that fly me away with faith of trust

    The way you speak to me as if i were your true love that makes me smile

    The way you wish to be with me on with hopes of dreams of pure value

    Your the message of ym heart that tunrs me the light to whom i am

    Your the angel for me that i thrived on my whole soul on to be with you

    Your my faith into being reality that brings happiness and trust that respects

    The hope of dreams you look for with out hateful pain towards me

    The way you make look appreciated by your talents that fall deeply in love

    I appreciate your values as well your kindness of your redemption

    I appreciate your soul of pure light that settles me in of encouragement.

    Hope Everyone Enjoys it ^_^

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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    Re: Light Anguish

    it was beautiful. very very good job. i would love to here more of your work

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    Re: Light Anguish

    It's beautiful and it's romantic...
    I like the way it flows together...
    great word choice...
    You did a fantastic job here...
    Keep it up...
    I would also love to see more of your work.

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