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Thread: Light and Moon

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    Light and Moon

    Shines ways bright
    Every time and day
    Life moves below not knowing futures
    But both work together, creating life
    Pure, innocent life
    Tastes before and after
    Difference creates hesitation
    Similarity fusions strength
    Waiting for what…
    Moonlight clears the pathway
    To truth, whatever it may be
    Forces collide to make feelings
    Heard around and shake the uncertainness
    Ghastly, malevolent uncertainness
    Light helps life bloom
    With crystal water caressing
    Blinding truths destroy just as rapidly
    Winds pass through light seeking owners
    Of sweet dear memories

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    Re: Light and Moon

    Yeah First comment!!!!! Ok then I love this poem cause to me its seems like a sweet calm poem well to me sorry and it seems to have a dark secret in it as well to me again. But thats why I love it oh well hope to see more!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: Light and Moon

    Very nice poem. Hope to see more poems from you!

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