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Thread: Lights Out

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    Lights Out

    No more smiles for me, no more normal life with a smile
    Just all these confusing words thrown from everyone
    A world of hate crashing, raining down on my broken shoulders
    All that’s left for me is the road, so I left and ran away

    A nice girl standing at a bus stop, she asked for a light
    Maybe it was her last, she was a runaway too
    That day she celebrated her birth, she was still a child herself
    I told her not to get caught and turned my back on her, still running

    Panic and paranoia were following me
    There was someone on my shoulder and a hitch in my breathe
    All the faces everywhere never looked twice or cared
    The world is truly a cold place, the only person you have really is yourself

    A man in a red sweater and another man, this one overweight
    They weren’t normal, they were suspicious
    The red sweater man walked stiffly, he was guilty of some sin
    He was following me

    Down a dark street with scary trees howling in the wind
    Off to a hug is where I was going, a person who would never judge me
    But the street was too quiet and the man had turned down my street
    I was being followed, or paranoid, or both

    In the houses people watched TV and ate their well deserved food
    They had beaten another day
    But I was still outside, looking in, wishing they would smile for me
    So I started to run again, but they never smiled, the ghost man ran with me

    I was afraid, but it wasn’t my time
    The house had lights on
    Lights on, lights on. People who can help
    Doors open, curtains open, people who can see

    The street was so dark
    The wind was so loud
    The night noises were sinister
    Lights on, people who can help

    Ghost man was running and getting closer
    I started crying and still no one came to my rescue
    I could see ghost man’s monster eyes shining behind me
    Doors closed, curtains closed. Lights off. No one can help

    I tripped on a rock that wasn’t there and fell
    He was smiling, I could see
    That girl at the bus stop must be somewhere safe, tonight was my night
    She would continue laughing and smiling and living

    Ghost man killed me then, with a knife and a bullet and a terrible rage
    But there were still lights on for some other girl, people who can help
    Doors open and smiles everywhere for some other girl, people who can help
    All I needed was that hug, but all I got was lights out. No one could help.

    Well then. I really enjoyed writing this and I didn't really have to think about the words. I haven't written anything good for a long time.

    I was out on a walk the other day and the street I was walking down was dark, and the man in the red sweater was a real person, he didn't follow me though. He did look guilty though, the overweight guy was checking out the corner store and this guy went in there for only a second. I thought they were going to rob it.

    So anyway, hope you guys like it, I do. Honestly I like it a lot. Enjoy.
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    Re: Lights Out

    It's a very good poem but i don't understand why you had to go for that walk in the first place the other night. But i really do enjoy the poem a lot,

    Thanks to FLawed love the sig.

    Pressure makes gems, Ease makes decay.

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    Re: Lights Out

    beautifully written! this would be my guess as to what a runaway would be feeling.great poem.I hope to see many more of yours.

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    Re: Lights Out

    I like it, it was verry good. I once had a dream like that once I forgot all about until I read this poem. The hairs on my arms were starting to stand up on end. I would like to see more of you work sometime.

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    Re: Lights Out

    Awww....Such a cute poem and a bit sad (Well not that sad) and confusing as well well to me!!!! But I loved it!!!!!!!!!!! You really are gifted! I have to see more of your amazing work!!!!!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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