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Thread: Lingering effects

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    Lingering effects

    Overtures of grotesque corpse voice’s sing gaily in her mind
    She began to forget her mean, her reason for living
    The soul that once thrived within her ran away with
    Now she, as everyone else, is an empty coffin of lost hopes

    Another mutilation brings life to her body, almost electric
    More blood dripping and pooling at her feet makes her breath catch
    The correlation between hand and razor leave more dark lines
    So carelessly ignoring in the stifled cries of her wants and needs

    The barbed wire constraints of her broken reality tighten ever more
    A smile cracks the sealed closures of her pasty lips
    She lost the girl she knew and replaced her with a razor
    A crimson waterfall flows endlessly out of hollow, dusty veins

    So enraptured by her slow suicide that she can’t see she’s a ghost
    Her discarded, pale body lying deceased on the floor before her is invisible
    The ethereal glow her floating body casts over the walls remains blind to her
    So consumed in cutting away all the sorrow and tears that stained her body

    Her self-made death was superficial, she died the first night the blood hit the floor
    Already was her life stolen by a razor masquerading as the faceless blurs she knew
    They threw her away into the fires; she could never defy Fate or her will
    The flesh she held captive was never really there to be held

    The marred body she called home lay in shambles, torn by her false carnage
    However, her soul, her spirit lay flawless, seemingly untouched
    The will she forgot stood bravely and stared the razor at the edge
    And when the blood was washed away her will lay intact, asleep

    The Fate she threw away did not punish her twisted mind
    Rather, it sent her away to solitude and desolation, by herself eternally
    Left without her precious, her everything she cannot rip apart the wrong etched into her
    Even if she was granted her savior the will that hides in her would keep her from bliss

    The body she left behind devastated her most loved and cherished ones
    All the wounds seemed connected but never once did the touched
    Her blood told a story across the room and her body but the words were unreadable
    Silent prayers that could never reach her ears were sent to her aid

    In her field of happy tree and artificial clouds she screamed and screamed
    The need to die and die again all but eating at her hiding soul
    If there truly was some bit of mercy flying around the universe it would grant her death
    Of course, there is not so she must live on in her suffocated body

    Running away from the bent corpses’ bodies that litter her field and reality
    Running so much that she cannot see she herself as a reflection of the bodies taunting her
    Crying unheard tears of regret to an uncaring and evil overlord for her wanted suicide
    She is stuck in her field of fated consequence and there she shall stay, always and forever

    I'm really sorry if there are some errors in spelling and whatnot, it's just I'm really tired right now and I have no idea how I haven't passed out on the keyboard yet.

    Ahem, as far as the poem goes, this is first piece I've written in a long while. Yeah, I've started other poems and tried at continuing my story by I always ended up erasing whatever I wrote 'cause it sucked.. then this idea came along and bam, I started and completed a poem that I actually like..

    So as I always say, enjoy and if you see any errors inform me, thanks a ton.
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    Re: Lingering effects

    very awesome poem i loved this very much
    and how you depicted the suiside and how she was
    dead but she didnt realise it was cool i actually
    pictured it , and the detail was great as well you
    really did good here , i cant wait to read another poem
    soon it has been a while and i liked how this was written.
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    Re: Lingering effects

    I really liked it. It was dark and mysterious. It could be a script for a great horror movie. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your next one.
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    Thanks so much I love it!

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