On a moon-lit lake in light autumn rain we last meant.
Than you leaned against my body to give a serene kiss.
And with no harsh or angry words onto the road you went.
Though we spoke little I knew you were someone I would miss.
And if you feel alone, no one at your side on the stage.
Than call me and I will stand along with you in that cage.
And if your beautiful voice gets weaker during a song,
Than that is the only moment that my voice will be strong.
And if you raise your voice higher and no one seems to care,
Than remember no matter where my heart can spare an ear,
So just know each day in my mind your siren song I hear.
And if it was possible at all I would be right there.
And it is because on parting you gave a gift so nice,
That I would still hold your firm hand when you are in a vice.

here again I repeat a lot of the same words. This style is anaphor somtimes known as littany. It was inspired when I saw the statue of that says in english boys be ambitious in Sapporo dedicated to William S. Clark. Than I thought about the anime "boys be..." and wrote this. It is about the lead characters first kiss.