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Thread: little darling(short version)

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    Wink little darling(short version)

    hush little darling
    close ur eyes,
    u need to go to sleep
    'till sunrise
    momma has u in her arms with ur daddy
    us watching u makes us very happy.

    babies are little angels
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: little darling(short version)

    i kinda think it need a little work but i love it becuase it reminds me of something i cant place my finger on

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    Re: little darling(short version)

    I think this place is awesome
    Its almost like another anime related place i know of!
    You Want The Truth.....Why didnt you just say so ^_^

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    Re: little darling(short version)

    This is really an absolutely great poem that the mother is a protector to its child that she will not allow no one to hurt that poor child.
    My only opinion in this post is it is consider one of the most emotional and family reunion to this event and also it touches ones person point of view into a wonderful moment of expectation so yes it is remarkable to me that shows a sign of new interest of the parents holding this adorable child so i would gladly take it as a gratitude so please do continue to keep on writing more poems like as this one. ^_^

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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    Re: little darling(short version)

    This is just so cool! I love the poem! It's so adorable and cute in a way! This poem is just reminding me of my past as well! So I do hope to see more!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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