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Thread: The little girl

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    The little girl

    Im left in the dark
    in the corner of everbodys heart
    where im pushed away to stay apart
    and sit there like a poor little kid
    without any reason to even live
    and now i feel like im drifting away
    with nobody left to play
    i'd sit there on the lonely swing
    only waiting to see what time would bring
    i walk uneasily, unable to feel my limb
    as i see that long road ahead to climb

    for long
    im thrown into unwanted songs

    walking in the shadows that feel so wrong
    grasping for air
    and for somebody to care
    glaring eyes all around
    i dont see the path which needs to be followed
    trampled roses
    as all movement freezes
    soft howling and screams
    i'm afraid of this little old dream
    all these secrets i do not know
    whisphered lies even in dawn

    lies, secrets, lies..
    Lonely girl in deniles


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    Re: The little girl

    Perhaps I could write words as wonderful as these ones. Thanks.

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