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Thread: Little Time, Much Love

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    Little Time, Much Love

    10 minutes in forever.
    How long i spoke to you but never,
    ever get a chance to see you again.
    I just want to know exactly when,
    I'll see your beautiful face once more.
    My most beautiful since my last whore,
    and praying your life is soon my dear.
    I want to see you lose your one fear.
    You want a man loving,
    when you have the chance soon coming,
    to break the chain of assholes before.
    I won't let you get hurt anymore.
    Live your life and gain your cash,
    and I'll be there to help add to your stash,
    whenever i get the chance to see you again.
    Then you can be my girlfriend...
    I pray you still love me,
    in months time in December.
    You said I'd stay the night....
    I can stay and love you whole heartilly,
    just you and A.J. and Olivia and me.
    Give me a reason to want to kiss you again,
    and you know I'd want that since the last time when,
    I "stole" kisses from you 6 weeks ago.
    Now I'm hoping I can get more so,
    I can show you what a man with a huge heart can,
    and that a true gentleman is the most loving of a man.
    I wait for you....
    daily I do.....
    and though with little hope within me......
    At least a future with you,
    I can plainly see..................................
    I love you.

    Her OC,

    Justin McCormick, The White Rose

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Re: Little Time, Much Love

    I liked this... As I read it, it seemed like all the words and thoughts just poured into my mind. It was written like that too, no big breaks and it started off heavey and just kind of trickles to its end.... So its just like spilling words. Which worked here... Like a pouring out of emotion.

    when you have the chance soon coming,
    to break the chain of assholes before.
    I wonder what a chain of a**holes would look like? .... yeah... that was uncalled for, yet I could not resist.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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