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Thread: live or not

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    death and life again
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    live or not

    To look but to not see,
    Feel but not hear,
    Can you see it,
    The black all around,
    The black mist,
    All around,
    The people,
    The mist around you,
    And me.

    look around and you will see there is black mist all around you and me, think and you will see that the black mist is the evil that is around us all the time, no one person and go without the blackness but with time you can lessen it...
    death and life are one and the same

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    Re: live or not

    It's true...
    The poem is all true and I really like it..
    No one can live without darkness...
    Everyone has it within them...
    But it's up to you what your gonna do with it...
    It's your choice what to do...
    People do try to hide it and not to think about it...
    But the best way to deal with is to accept it...
    Oh well..Sometimes I even like darkness much more then the light...
    They say..
    Darkness can't live without Light,
    But Light can't live without Darkness...
    We are affraid of losing controle...But why should you be affraid of losing it...While you didnt have it...

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    Post Re: live or not

    that rite every one has darkness in them that just the way humans are u k i love this its all true

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