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Thread: ''Lonely dark cloud''

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    ''Lonely dark cloud''

    (Like describiendo my self)

    ''Lonely cloud''
    Above the dark night's
    giving shadows to the planet
    with out nothing in its right
    Moon shining above the sky
    giving life to its sight ( the cloud)
    stars shining away
    giving hope to its lonely friend
    wind giving peacefull breeze
    calming the surronding giving peace
    ''waiting for something to go through
    but there's nothing that i can do
    been just lonely
    with out no one here
    can't move without someone been near''

    When sunshine comes
    and others go
    to the farthest places
    weres the sun flows ( morning)
    ''they get all the shine
    while i wait in the dark skys''
    They seem to flow with peace
    giving shadows for those that feel heat (humans)
    while i just give eternal darkness to those that fear
    ''Those give a type of rain
    that makes a raimbow full of fame
    while i make horrible storms
    that produces flashes and thunderbolts''
    ''My kind doesnt exist
    cuz im no longer in this place''

    perdoname michelle!

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    Re: ''Lonely dark cloud''

    I like it! keep it up..and i realized that I read almost all of your poems you made. I guess I'm a fan. haha
    "I love you with all my heart that I can't explain how much in words."

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