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Thread: Lonely Eyes

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    Red face Lonely Eyes

    Lonely Eyes November 19, 04

    I’ve never ever seen such lonely eyes
    Without the passion that once thrived
    Deep with never-ending sorrow and regret
    With too many desires, that couldn’t be met

    A friendship we had that couldn’t be duplicated
    Yet with one small misstep, it was vindicated
    Communication stopped, and we lost each other’s trust
    A unnerving void sneaked right in the middle of us

    While you think, that the friendship shouldn’t end this way
    But I see an even worse outcome, at the end of the day
    While you think, that this problem has a solution
    But I think, there will only be more complications

    My heavy heart happy, with a breath of peace
    Severed the bonds, and let my spirit run free
    Hope has vanished, and in its place certainty
    And nothing ruining, my newfound tranquility

    Just reposting my old poems, this one was after i stopped being friends with this girl. We got too close and let go, and nothing was ever the same again

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    Re: Lonely Eyes

    Wow yes this HAS happened to me once before! It was so sad.....but anyways I love this poem I can really relate to it good job hope to see more!^^

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    Re: Lonely Eyes

    I know what that is like it has happpend to me it is something that i would not like to remember but it is really good i can relate really well to it

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    Re: Lonely Eyes

    Hmmm.... makes one think... nice work, I really, really like it, read it with great interest... it's something different from the things I read today...

    I dunno how it is to lose any hope, although... if we talk about realtionships- you do feel very free for some time after breaking up a relationship, especially if it was all very hard...

    I like the way you're describing what she must think and feel and what you think and feel... very interesting to take a look in someones life like that...

    Nice work, I'll be waiting for more (yes, I always say that but I always think so)

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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