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Thread: Looking for a Place to Lay my head

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    Re: Looking for a Place to Lay my head

    Quote Originally Posted by atomik_sprout View Post
    Laura, I almost cried reading this.
    It reminds me too much of the very same cries for help I heard before the tragic day that I lost my...

    Yeah, it reminded me of that too. It was another reason it made me wanna cry a little. Re reading it that's...almost exactly how I felt at that point that everything fell to pieces. And I still haven't picked them up. I feel better and better tho because I got something done today. I showered did my haira nd got pretty... I'm contemplating a bike ride to my dads. But am unsure. I don't want to be around Joe. not cant or wont just dont want to.

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    Re: Looking for a Place to Lay my head

    Oh... yes... you're right bratling that too- the fact that sometimes you hurt someone unintentionally when you're having a hard time like the one I'm describing in this poem- like even not because you've done something but because of how you act- because you're in a bad mood... It's just so bad.... you make everyone else around you feel bad and mostly you can't even do anything about it- it's just omg... it's better to stay locked in your room at times like that...

    And thank You Sprout!!!! I'm oh so glad to hear that this poem touched you so much, though I'm sorry for bringing back bad memories...

    Yes, all the words came from my heat, though sometimes I did not know how to express some things and then I needed the vocabulary ^^ I think I changed one word three times!!! But I guess it has came out well, if you say the things you say...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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