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Thread: Lost Ballad of Todd

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    Lost Ballad of Todd

    There was a barber and his wife
    and they were beautiful
    a handsome family with a strife
    nearly bitting down on the knife.
    They succomb to a trial of pain
    but in the end who is to blame

    There's a hole in the world
    like a great black pit
    and the people within,
    oh so dense and thick
    without a clue of what to do
    they look to the man they so callusly screwed.

    In the end he took back
    what was abruptly attacked
    and with the wave of his balde
    taking the behavior of a cade
    slicing the throats as he gloats
    with a smile that denotes...he is happy

    In the hole in that pit where the anserine sit
    there's a place at the bottom
    where the demon had brought them
    seeking a life, a new life, with his beautiful wife
    and his girl who was adorned
    by the judge, who she was scorned.

    Dripping in the basement
    without the emplacement
    their bodies, oh so gracefully adjacent

    Lying down, on the floor, dripping rubies
    looking up, looking down, dripping rubies
    frozen in a frightening state of bliss, dripping rubies
    findng truth without object, dripping rubies

    Now then my friend, now rest your seeking
    close your eyes, for the guise, and the beauty within
    becoming riddled with sin, with the blood on your skin
    and the color wearing thin of the life that could have been
    now rest your seeking.
    Inspired by the film, Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
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