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Thread: Lost love

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    Lost love

    Here is a weird poem that i wrote, i hope you all like it.
    As I walk to your burial place.
    I realize how much I have lost.
    I keep remembering all the memories we made.
    Like when we used to do it with a adoring lust.

    As the hours of darkness draw near.
    My heart feels a sudden fear.
    The anguishing fear of not having you with me.
    However, I have to accept the fact that you not longer live.

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    Re: Lost love

    wow wow nice i love that very deep of feeling ...
    i unerstand that you lost some one ....
    by the way that was very nice ...keep up....

    Foolish beating

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    Elie Jelly elie26 may be famous one day elie26 may be famous one day elie26's Avatar
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    Re: Lost love

    Gosh, nice one there ketaro.. haven't been seeing you much lately, nice to see you write poems ^^ Pretty good at it too. I think it was very thoughtful, how you're able to express you moving on in the form of words. Nice one.

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    Re: Lost love

    it sounds like a wedo goin ro the grave of her husben or bf

    it real sad but its sooo good plz keep it up kk ^__^

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