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Thread: Love

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    maybe not true love, but I wrote this after watching a play called "Combustibles" by Amélie Nothomb or something like that. The story is not bad, but the actors in that play weren't that good. Well then, now for the main presentation, I hope you like it more than I "liked" the play of the thingy I just got back from:


    Within a moment of silence,
    I walked alone in the snow.
    Guiding my steps was my life,
    Fading away in the darkness of the night.
    Yet a light came upon me, and shined brightly.
    Leaving a trace of my journey that has just begun.

    I searched on and on for the jewel in the night,
    There was nothing to find in the light of the day.
    Everything seemed so bright when lit by the eternal sphere,
    The obscurity showing bare what truly was there.
    Upon the second night, there was one who radiated,
    I gazed upon it, attracted by its luminescence.
    Loosing sight of my path, I neared my first hope.

    At first I dreamed of what was to be the one,
    Yielding nothing more than fantasy in reality.
    Slowly transcending the imaginary,
    I finally fell upon this golden chance to glory.
    There was a certain calling from where she stood,
    Upon a higher ground did she seem to my being.
    The curtains fell as I finally neared my desires.

    Colors that made me hallucinate in admiration,
    Reason in utter delusion before this coloration.
    Trying to make out the best aspects of this star,
    Inexistant was the imperfection of this marvel.
    As she spoke the first creation of her mind,
    Shattered glass fell at my feet and I was destroyed.
    Living a lost hope, a mirror of what once was love...
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Love

    I really liked this poem. I thought that you did quite well with using symbolism and the description was great. Can't wait to read more
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    Re: Love

    The symbolism you used to describe the things that you were talking about is awesome, I think that I will try to do that in my poems! But you really do a great job of writing poems! Keep up the great work!

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    Re: Love

    hey sum1 help me around this place!!!!!!======================================= ================================================== ==============iojubhi 0l.,x

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