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Thread: To love

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    To love

    To love
    The perfect man,
    To love
    The comfort from him,
    To love
    The sweet embrace,
    To love
    The tender kiss,

    To fear
    The reason of love,
    To fear
    The pain I feel,
    To fear
    Rejection from him,
    To fear
    The way I feel,
    To fear
    Love's embrace,

    To cry
    From the fear,
    To exist
    For the pain,
    To hurt
    From the hate,
    To smile
    From the happiness,
    To believe
    In the love,

    To love
    Will he ever love me back.
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    Re: To love

    This reminds me of the poem I wrote oh so long ago......

    Anyway, I feel like you put alot of "To...." in there and I'm not saying it wasn't a nice effect but I could guess what was next and well.....

    Not that it was bad!! No, I really liked it!! I find it full of emotion and I could feel it. I mean I have no right to say anything , since I can't really write poems all that well. I hope this didn't seem so bad....

    'This world is trash. Cursed by the Fon Master...'

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    Re: To love

    It's beautiful..
    In the poem is described how everyone feels...
    Sometimes then...
    I really like it...
    And I can place myself right in it...
    Keep it up girl..^_^...
    We are affraid of losing controle...But why should you be affraid of losing it...While you didnt have it...

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