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Thread: Love

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    I'm no pro when it comes to love poems. I wrote this today. Tell me what you think...


    What is this feeling
    that grows steadily within me?
    It is the stringing of a harp,
    a gentle melody soft and sweet.
    It is the beating of a drum
    roaring in my chest.
    It wraps ‘round me
    like a silky lasso.
    It runs alongside me
    like a springing gazelle.
    It is a passion like no other,
    a joy unbelievable.
    It is longsuffering and strong
    and endures forevermore.
    It binds me to You
    in its power divine.
    ‘Tis Your love everlasting
    that completes me.

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    Re: Love

    Eeeeeeh. Block stanza is not recommended my friend.

    I like the use of musical instruments to describe the feelings :P
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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