the things i get from this unsatisfactional world is the love for my boy my sweet boy cute boy my boy,

sensatiive and rational sexifiying factual bringing me pleasure frm every intention boy ur pleasure frm every direction,

Boy you make my temperature rise, every time I look you in the eyes. Boy you make me feel so special when i'm alone with you, boy sometimes I don't know what to do,

soft skin,gentle touch boy i want ur feel oh so much!!loving tender caring touch this feeling i cant hide so much i love you and want you to be mine,

Mine, all mine, and no one elses. This feeling, oh this feeling, boy is this new to me. I love it, yes I love it, and I want to keep it be. The feeling, your love, everything all above. I want to keep, forever and always, always,

your near yet afar closer but oh so far away your dreams come into my heart filling me with an endless happiness only caused by you jus you only you jus let me keep these feeling here now and forever,

The fear of losing you, oh please don't let it happen. The joy and happiness that fills my heart and soul by you is all I need. All I need to get by everyday, you love, your heart, you. Always my love, I love you always,

seeing you smile fills me with joy even if its not for me ill always cherish it. ill make tht smile ever lasting and unphase able to keep this flow to go and go and go,

Your smile, is the light , the light in my life. It erases the darkness in my soul. The butterflies you give me, oh the butterflies. So new, so new, but I wouldn't have it any other way,

sensative dreams, and humful meanings,keep floating on ahead while my own feelings fall behind i can movve on knowing that i still love you as a tear fall as you move along with the dreams in the world as i am left behind only t see you from afar,

Yet soon enough, you will be near. The love, as clear as the clearest crystal, more costly than the wealthiest diamond, the love for you brings more joy, cost oh so much more, and makes me feel oh so alive,

still as the water when it ripples is my heart,its yerning for you is impossible to become astray from loving you is all i do nd ever want to do so jus keep tht in mind as were passing through the outragious time,

To one day, meet up in this crazy little thing called life. To may have our love to become one. To have, and to hold, for all we got. For everything we have. Our love will be strong,

seeking you seeking me while flowing through these memories and stoping for nothing but to discover clues on how to find you finding me so we can be no i and not you but us,

The affection you will bring. As soft as a feather, as delicate as a rose. The passion will burn with our love. How incredible it will be, when we join as one,

flying sparks through out the air casting a fellowship of complete faith mixing wit emotions of a boy and a girl toform like while overtime growing into love and marrige,

an unintended surprise him on his knee and her with widened eyes lookin upon him with to simple words she has answered the question to fullfilling her future lifes hapiness,i do,

Marriage, the stage that will show the trueness of the love. To love, to hold, in sickness, in health. The vows of tradition, the vows of the heart. Never to be broken, for true love previals.