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Thread: Love In Itself

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    Love In Itself

    A stranger I met and we began to chat, About random things, you know .. this and that.
    It took less than a day for me to understand him.
    His soft spoken words are gentle and soothing to me.
    We talk for an hour and then we have to go.
    But then After another hour I want to give him a call.
    His voice always rings in my head and I remember the things he says.
    This is a rare occasion for you see.. I have the worst memory.
    But today he asked a question that set my mind to working.
    "What does Love mean to you?"
    I used to think of love as nothing but a foolish dream, but lately I've been wondering, what does love mean to me?
    Love is the one thing that always makes us whole.
    It makes us feel as though we know the other person all the way through right to their soul.
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