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Thread: a love like this

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    Smile A Love Like This

    A Love Like This
    Reality of this True Love

    Love is an unbelievable feeling anyone may experience. Fate and destiny is something that has been placed once we received life. I am in love and see of the one I love as a blessing to me. Personal Note: I am truly happy to be with you Sean A. Stevens. Every word spoken within this poem is true. I love you, my shujin

    Save this fallen angel
    Despair lingers in the shadows as she sits in the light
    This kind of love like this kind of beautiful scenery
    This love captures the heart and binds it, never releasing its slave
    The burning sensation of reality being very real
    Curses the lips with a smile as the heart lives life
    She gives her love and receives his love in return
    She will never let go of such passion
    One whisper "Anata ga daisuki, watashi no shujin"
    My world a never ending battle of truth and lies
    My sanctuary I run to for protection
    His arms give of warmth and more of never-ending righteous
    I let the waters of God purify my spirit and soul
    I am falling a continuous fall
    I let not my wings open to fly me high from this love
    Like the moon that shines so bright
    To the stars that dance as nature sing such a soft melody
    Deep within my soul lied in darkness with small light
    With the reach of your hand as God sent of you
    I am found, I am saved
    Again I whisper "Anata ga daisuki, watashi no shujin"
    Words can mean of anything
    Emotions cans be of anything
    Destiny holds our true story and its end
    We walked amongst this world feeling alone
    Felt like giving up hope
    Felt like running away from it all
    Broken deep down inside of our hidden cell
    Fate…it has shown its true purpose
    Here we are beside one another
    You whisper "I love you, my one and only"
    Dreams hold of secret
    As a blossoming flower reveals its beauty
    I stand under the moon and stars, speaking softly of a prayer
    I believe of what I will always hold
    I hold onto what I dream and see fate
    I let go of what is to not remain
    I turn away from what will pull me under
    A look into your eyes I see truth
    I see of our future…because it is fatality
    I whisper "Anata ga daisuki, watashi no shujin"
    The wedding bells ring as the white doves fly in the midst of the sky
    We see now because we see us there
    We know soon we will make a spiritual promise before God
    Fear and doubt crossed our paths
    Giving up never been of choice
    I devote myself to God first…but I have also to you
    So much you have given me
    An eternal bond of you and me
    We stand here as time goes on and the world keeps going
    In my mind I sit within a lake in the night
    The moon like a spotlight
    Nature resonate softly as it sways from a gentle breeze
    The stars dance of an enchanting twirl
    I am waiting…but why am I?
    This is my sanctuary within
    A dream…may always remain just a dream
    I fall…I fall under only to awake and find myself in your arms
    A smile you love to see appear upon my lips
    You whisper "I love you, my one and only"
    You watch and see pass the illusion I hold as a shield
    You see of my true reality
    You are my hidden sanctuary
    These worlds share one sky…one destiny
    Fate…never lies
    I was fading…fading into the darkness
    This fallen angel been saved
    Dare I to doubt you?
    Dare I to deny you are real?
    Dare I to deny this love?
    Dare I to run away because I fear this love?
    I can not run
    I will not run
    This kind of love…is what I always wanted…
    This kind of love…finally been blessed to me…
    Like the birds within the sky, I fly to my home
    I am flying to you
    I am flying to my sanctuary!
    Your perfection within my eyes blinds me
    Watching you so as I do makes my heart beat rapid
    My breath seized in belief
    You are faithfully who I been hoping for
    As if I am exhaling…your name falls from my lips
    I whisper to you "Anata ga daisuki, watashi no shujin"
    Like an addiction to a drug, I am addicted to you
    I can not let you go
    I can not stop loving you
    Lost…I shall be without you
    I remember of a quote "What Am I without Him?"
    As you vowed to me…never leaving me
    I pledged forever to remain with you and sealed it with a kiss
    Never let me go…
    I am holding on to hope
    I am praying this will be forever
    God carry on this wish and give of this blessing
    In your hands you hold of my heart
    I cherish you heart as if it was my spirit in sake
    I would by no means want to let it go
    You are my one and only…my eternal…my sanctuary
    When you place a kiss upon my lips I go weak
    I do not fall because you hold me in a firm embrace
    My senses go peculiar
    My mind…my thoughts go clear
    Like the sakura petals that flow in the wind melodically
    Your love is of a lullaby singing delicately
    I am told to turn away from this love
    I am told pain and heart break will only come
    I do not believe it…I do not believe it!
    I am not afraid to receive it
    I have faith…
    I have trust…
    I believe this love is true and will not cause destruction
    This is a blessing…
    This is our fate…do you not agree?
    Make a wish upon a star
    Hold onto faith and believe…have hope!
    This is real…we see it, but do we care many others do not?
    You whisper "I love you, my one and only"
    I believe you…I do not distrust
    I know you insinuate it
    I know we will reach our destiny, our dream’s future
    Because I have faith I will not stop having
    I have hope…no despair
    I repeat these words again to you
    Many may not know it’s meaning, but you do
    Your heart always will remember these words
    "Anata ga daisuki, watashi no shujin"
    (I love you…my husband)
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    Re: a love like this

    Its me and my fiancee 7-month anniversary!! I'm so happy!! And in love with him! *blushes* listen to me hehe
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