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Thread: Love Lost At Last

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    Love Lost At Last

    The was made better when I saw your face.
    No idea inside you were farther than space.

    But after all the fun and love one day the calls just stopped.
    When I saw you two arm in arm my spirit was cropped.

    Those few days after we split were difficult.
    Long before I figured it is not my fault.

    Someone showed up right for me, healing the souls sore.
    I look at you with your ex who stocks the drug store.

    Walking by you seem mad, you think it would end hapy.
    Realize this is real life, you ending not so sappy.

    This is for any one, man or woman pushed aside in a relationship.

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    Re: Love Lost At Last

    was it ment to sound like that lol but i git what u mean.......

    love might end but its never over.seeing the light is what we long for

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