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Thread: LOVE (rebelion of the heart)

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    LOVE (rebelion of the heart)

    Heres something i wrote while saying it out loud ><

    felt like i was at a play reading it ><
    BLAH love


    Love, a question unanswered
    A word that's alone,for love is
    but one

    To be loved, you must love
    but to love is to hurt
    to love is to cry ,to laugh
    to grow, to be a child

    To a game they compare it
    for its a never ending game of tag
    chasing for a moment, forever can never surpass

    a great movement that no one understands
    shapeless and invisible but we know that its real

    We lie to our selve
    for this thing called love

    cross the dessert, swimm the sea
    reach for the sky, and fall all for free

    For theres no "I" in love,
    theres just "we"
    no "me" or "you",
    just "us", what we could be

    two and alone, a person less you grieve
    mourning the day, for a person thats not real

    Fictional and perfect, happier compared to worth it
    the person you call right, might just never be in sight

    you dream of dates, long walks on beach
    holding the hand, of your imaginary fear
    a kiss on the lips, the warmth of thier hug
    the sound of their voice whispering "i need you..

    I need you..."


    Such as selfish word you say,
    feeding off each other, just to make the day

    the need of a lover, a friend a thing
    arnt they all just grouped as one?

    Love is but one, and all of them are none

    Like... want... need... care..

    Just proves the importance of the three little word
    no one ever spares

    "i love you"

    A common word you shout with all glee
    but its lost its significance ot a person like me.

    Love is but one, and non of them are one

    a simple trick, that can even make you smile

    Love a word that's not said
    a word that everyone knows misinterpret
    formless and invisible, one that is non


    not a word...

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    Re: LOVE (rebelion of the heart)

    I thought for sure this was a story or something but well a good poem of yours.^^
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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