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Thread: Love song

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    Post Love song

    Almost everyday nothing ever change
    My heart is still in pain
    I can't believe it had to end
    Now you don't remember my name

    I thought I had strong feelings for you
    But then you had to reject me
    You are with some other guy
    Telling me that I am free

    I wanted to stay with you
    Comfort you in so many ways
    I'll be with you all night
    Even if it takes days

    One night I had dreamed
    That we lived together
    We always kissed and cuddled
    It felt like it was forever

    I seen children in my dream
    We had a girl and a boy
    Their names were very special
    Say hello to Jacy and Troy

    I hope you find it in your heart
    To forgive me of what I done wrong
    For I ask is come back with me
    So I can give you this beautiful song

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    Re: Love song

    This is really good, do you have any more work?
    I'd like to read it, so you should post more.
    I've attempted to write poetry before, but it never really worked out that well for me, so i decided to just write short stories.

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