^ ^ basically just about how i feel about him. I hope you all like it!
when i'm with you i'm ever so happy,
as you hold me I feel so warm
looking into your eyes I feel such joy,
you always have a way of making me smile

when your around I feel safe
when we kiss its ever so sweet,
love the your always making me laugh
love when you always say, "I love you"

when your gone i miss you so,
your voice is ever so calming
love that i can be myself around you,
your ever so kind yet so sweet to me

when i'm down you always cheer me up
your my love, and my best friend,
i'm so lucky to have you
so lucky to have found the one,

what ealse can i say? "I love you so much"
I just love the way you are
I can't wait for the day we'll always be together,
always ganna last forever