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Thread: love you

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    Re: love you

    thanks guys and girls and i don't think i won't write another one soon because i need a lot of time to think of a new one
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    Re: love you

    Quote Originally Posted by arekandera View Post
    Outside is raining
    Inside i'm crying
    I look at the sky
    He is allowed to cry
    Why can i do the same?
    My mother says:"never cry"
    My brother tells me:"always smile"
    How can i smile
    When my heart is breaking
    You told me that
    You don't love me
    You gest like me
    But i still love you
    Even if i know that
    You'll brake my heart
    I have the courage to say:
    "I don't care what you do
    I still love you".

    this is my first poem so tell me what do you think?
    awesome! i figured how to quote peoples replys! yes!^^ ok erm... i reread it like u asked me too and cj came to mind..haha lol i guess you were right...i miss talking to him..like we used to long time ago(really wasnt that long a go but sitll lol) BUT not to get off topic keep up the good work i enjoyed reading your first poem and again im still proud of you!
    I'm the best you'll ever have because i am that f*ing AMA-zing chic who can stand on her own d*n feet and becasue of you I am the Greatest Thank you so much SasuraiHell and Gwen

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    Re: love you

    Arekandra this poem was beutifull. keep up the good work alright? hope to see more from you.
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