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Thread: Love's Invite

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    Love's Invite

    An invite to my world set
    Hunger in worlds fed
    All of us dreamer's thoughts said
    We all said
    To our fantasy we all read
    Our smiles by deeds are kept
    Dreams raising us like it's pet

    Hearts sing
    For love they bring
    And hate that sting
    Love a scary thing
    My heart carry love around its neck in a golden ring
    I come from a fantasy
    As a creature whose desire increase
    And the distance between love and me decrease

    How many times you pretend?
    To shelter lies that may comprehend
    A heart knows that loves best habbit is a lying tongue
    Words by lips may be
    They are forged by saints to us see
    As clever they might be
    Saints corrupted to devils, they are to be
    But I with love and love with me
    Cause together our faults will smothered be

    How many times you seduced me?
    With stories that make my ears compel
    Touches so soft, that makes my heart for love sing to tell
    Eyes of you that make my sight lose its scent cell by cell

    A lie by me
    Known to her to be
    Though me being in love
    I shall never be persuaded by thee

    So beautiful she sits
    With lips so red and eyes so green
    She in my heart forever as the beauty queen
    My thoughts are not grown or in teen
    My passion grow on trees so keen
    To love the fantasy of my beauty queen

    Loving her
    Magical so it is
    Suspect I may
    But for love
    Directly I will not say
    How I feel to her. I afraid to tell
    My love for her is not for anyone to sell

    The truth in my heart
    I will not live in doubt
    Until my love comes and put my evil deed out

    Hold my hands and into my arms, she comes to be
    In love her and me
    Sitting on the clouds
    As light as we may be
    We together no matter what history will come down to be

    Together as we fly on wings of desire
    To worlds of fantasy

    I invite love to come visit and see
    The world of fantasy
    Power -xxx- aka -M.Ali
    I Fly Swiftly through the air
    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Re: Love's Invite

    Wow! i like how you paint a picture. i've never read a poem like this... different but cool. What it might be like to live in a dream like world like that...
    Life's short so have a laugh about it

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    Re: Love's Invite

    Wow!! I really like it... it seems to me like you could write plays easily because, when I read this, it seemed to me like someone would really be talking, like in Shakespears plays... Oh well... I'll know who to talk to if I wish to put a poetic monolog or dialog in a story... ^^

    I really enjoyed reading this and will be waiting forward for more!!!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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