Here's some new lyrics that I just wrote.Hope their okay.They might be a big dark and sad but I still hope their okay and all lol Please enjoy

Title-Love's Killer

I feel so dead inside
All cause of you
You did this to me
Your the one that killed me!

You riped out my heat
And crushed it
You took hold of my soul
And your the one that destoryed it!

You said you loved me
But look at what your doing to me
You've been killing me slowly
Now your destorying all of me!

I want the pain to end
Before I desend
Please make the pain stop
Before I lose myself to the welcomeing darkness!

My heat is bleeding
Now my soul is weeping
I cry myself to sleep everynight
Because I can't stand the pain inside

Your the one that did this to me
Your the one that's killing me!
Your the one that's hurting me
So let's stop this now

For I am saying "Good Night" As I lay down and Die!