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Thread: Madam too late

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    Madam too late

    When we do not know ruthless compassion
    When we dare to forgot the past, then we close our hearts
    And become a rock is no longer the pulse or rate
    When our thoughts die and take with it our feeling
    And we don’t know ruthless mercy
    And we feel we are strong but, in fact ‘very weak’
    No longer has your sense still had luster
    The beauty disappeared and became black like you heart color
    The love in your life is fake, you make it and the little hearts believe it and live it
    But, some hearts don’t believe it or fell in it net
    It just feel belonging and comfortable with out you heart
    Perhaps she created inside her the sixth sense, which reveals your fake future
    And your imaginations draw you in a strong shape you can’t surrender or fall
    But, in fact you can not fight the weakest pain
    Or just adjust your heart rate when you shock
    Because, you wasn’t have a love, you just make it in your mind
    Here you are today, telling us your imaginations about the love
    Representation of woman that have pried and stop turning up its nose
    A woman uprooted breath and life inside her
    And throw her memories in the bottom of the sea
    Nevertheless you need it any way
    Looking for it inside you and feel bad to loose it
    Do you think that your dreams become nightmares hunting your sleep?
    And what you tell us, it just your thoughts, imaginations not real
    Now, you are alone in your bed
    Your eyes missing the sleep
    Your world stops moving
    Your voice chase a way
    And no one listens or hears you
    You disappeared, disappeared
    The time gone, no ticket to back and explain what happened
    Madam too late
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