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Thread: Maimus

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    As the door opened a roar could be heard
    As the door opened a sweat from his brow
    could be seen.
    It was a game for them but not for him
    death was a game he knew to well death
    was his freind and it beckoned him on.
    The sun now above him as he enter'ed the
    arena the thunderouse crowd was not as loud
    as his heart.
    A blade is swung full of hatred and fear
    the emperor now smiling knowing his fate
    is now seald.
    He battled and batteld yet noone came close
    the emperor new smile now became worse
    he looked to the emeperor with a glem in his eye
    know he won and the crowd does not lie.
    After hours of blood shed and a few tears as
    well the emperor knew just hwat had to be done
    the sun went down on a glorieouse day.
    The final day had come the emperor was mad
    he went to the pit and wonded that man
    the blood now dripping as he hung there to die
    the empere laughed thinking he was the best.
    A new day has come and the emperor bost's
    that he will slay the man that has never
    known defeat.
    They bring him in chains bleeding already
    he is almost home with the one that he love's
    a feirce battle insue's and the eperor lost .
    as he lie daying the last words he heard were MAXIMUS!!!

    ok this is sort of new for mewriting one like this
    its peom but its also a story i combined both or
    tried to anyway any comment's or pointer's will really
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    Re: Maimus

    OMG!! That was sooooooooooooo awesome Chris H. I loved it. And I just love how it's a poem and a story all at once. Awesome job!
    Made by- Ryomakurosaki (Thank you sooooo much!!) ^__^

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    Re: Maimus

    I love the title. I'd like to see some stanzas. It would give the poem a better flow in my opinion.
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    Re: Maimus

    hey holder that was a kool poem man.

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