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Thread: The Mark

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    The Mark

    He left when i needed someone for my own,
    Yet he burned my skin with a mark that never left my side.
    His words still ring inside my head,
    His kiss still makes my heart yearn,
    for the moments to come back
    For him to say i was wrong for leaving your heart on the ground.

    His kisses that no one can make me forget,
    His touch that burned even my soul.
    The memories won't go away , no matter what I do.
    My heart and mind keep asking could this be true.
    He left me alone and never to return,
    His ghost still haunts , forever making me yearn.

    My soul can't forget, nor can my mind leave me alone.
    Why can't he see that he left me forlorn.
    He left me with a mark that can never be seen,
    It now seems to be the only memory
    Of a now weary and tired heart.

    I don't know if I will ever find another one
    who will help me forget and help me move on.
    For now my heart is shattered and broken,
    My soul still bears the misery he has given.
    Will someone come my way and help me finally move on.
    To reclaim my heart and be finally be my own.
    "In your arms is where i will be, I love you till my forever ends."
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    Re: The Mark

    That's a really cool poem, you should really consider writing more.

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