The Marmots

Look there!
Do you see them swimming in the water
almost like a silent whisper,
unaware of the eyes watching it
from above?
It is small, cute, cuddly,
like a shy heart;
alone and quiet like a faint star;
cheerful and innocent like a child;
yet delicate and beautiful
like the wings of a butterfly.
It seems isolated though,
separate for the life around it,
treading through a river of sin,
filth clinging to its body.
it’s such a gracious,
free-spirited joy.
Oh! ‘tis gone.
It disappeared in the murky water.

Look! There are two of them now!
One is pursuing the other,
chirping an adorable sound,
playfully splashing about.
The other is swimming away,
but is occasionally playing as well,
happily enjoying itself,
and greatly appreciating its new friend.
Gone! They disappeared
underneath the thick brush
by the water’s edge,
and the watchful eyes
glisten with joyfulness
from above.