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Thread: ~The Mask~

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    ~The Mask~

    ~The Mask~

    I hide behind this mask of lies
    Behind the smiling face of mine

    Behind the mask I wear
    Is pain from love and rejection

    The love I felt was always real
    But love must be returned
    For love unreturned
    Is hate in wait

    The rejection I recieve from my love's true wish
    Caused the pain of love to intensify
    For rejection proved
    Is love not approved

    Only tears can make me express myself
    But tears are the weaks true self.

    Behind my mask are things unsaid
    Pain and hurt will remain unsaid

    How can one such as me find love
    When love is what hurts the most to me.


    Just a poem I kinda made up. The poem is mainly a fear of mine right now. I hope it doesn't come true. Comment truthfully please.
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    Re: ~The Mask~

    hmmm for the most part i liked it except for when you said 'For love unreturned
    Is hate is wait' i really didnt get what you were trying to say so yea overall it made sense ^^ a great way to express your fear although some parts weren't that clear
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