The smoke has settled
My mind has calmed down
The dangers to all have passed
Yet my mind still fights

With what I don't know
The evil forces of my mind
or is it the good?
Either way I am left with my imagination

My imagination
The most lethal force in my mind
The one place I can do anything
It's the only place I am free

Free to think of what I like
I am able to imagine my most horrific of thoughts
This isn't good nor is it bad
Though everyone should worry

Worry that my imagination should run rampant
For the fact is
My imagination controls me
It is what will destroy me
Welcome to my mind

This is the only place you don't want to be
It's worst the hell
and more vivid then heaven
The darkness fills my thoughts

Thoughts of happiness and solitude
The things in which push me the most
Happiness is my crutch
Solitude is my faith

The Darkness swallows my mind whole
Nothing left behind but a grim image
An image of me
Your worst nightmare