i haven't written for a long time , i feel like this is something new to me
anyways lets get to the point shall we
here goes :

every thought fades
every memory dies
every feeling says it's good bye

eyes in time turn blind
everything fades as they are being left behind
even if time was kind
our events will never be set in rewind

Every thing that has it's beginning has it's end
Every thing will be forgotten in time
As if all the great things are not even worth a dime
And here I am struggling to write this rhyme

everything is to fade
everything in my memory is to die
everything except for you

I still remember that day
I still remember even though more than a year has passed

I still remember how I screamed
" what is it?
there is nothing fear nor anything to behold
open your eyes
see this world
as it twists and twirls

what are your thoughts ?
silence...that's all you say
can you hear
my doubts and fears
can you see
my inside tears

why don't you say anything?
why don't you open your eyes?

open your eyes to see the love i present to you
my tears are running for you
my arms can't hold you

bring me back
please... show me the way
show me the path that leads to you
my heart is dying for you

angels left me
sad from the curse that set upon for you

your laying in front of me
missing everything that was in you "

My Love I Write This In The Memory Of You
And if you are hearing me
Always know that
I Still Miss You
And I will Forever Love You
I shall never forget your hands
Your open arms
And mostly your warm Love
Your Memory Will Always Wonder In My Heart And Mind
Nomatter Who Forgets
Your love will remember
your Lover