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Thread: Merry Christmas?

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    Merry Christmas?

    A door slammed in anger , i hate you
    is said more times than a single tear
    drop can cover your cheek as it falls
    Merry Christmas.

    Hanging by a thread the happiness
    is almost gone , why must it hurt when
    happy times are near? The things that are
    sad seem so much more real.

    Family is what its all about but then again
    is that what you want? Have a very Merry
    Christmas that comes with the pain, i wish
    it was different but it just won't be.

    Instead of the hugs you get bitterness
    in return oh how wonderful it will be this
    Christmas , with all of the tears and all of the
    pain , no friendly smiles or warm sentiments.

    If only for a moment i want Christmas this year
    with all of the smiles and some of the happy
    tears , but it want happen till grudges and
    spitefulness are gone.
    every year a lot of familys dont ever get together
    becuase of sore feelings or bitter hatred , things never
    really go good for some on christmas i hope this poem
    opens some eyes so it might be different this year.

    comments and suggestions are welcomed
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    Re: Merry Christmas?

    Scary sig! Whatever, beautiful poem. For me, grudges are gone too.

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    Re: Merry Christmas?

    (Sighs) So wonderful poem, dude. If you don't care, I wish to use it in one of my private projects.

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